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Racing News and Standings

The 2014 Saco Pathfinders Cup has come to an end!

Congratulations to all the racers!

Sportsman Mowers:
1st Kyle Keenan
2nd Nate Key
3rd Nick Perkins
4th Bob Danforth
5th Ryan Lund
6th Ken Robinson
7th Chuck Gassett
8th Garrett Quinn
9th Addie McDaniels

Modified Mowers:
1st Fred Yerxa
2nd Norm Dakin
3rd Darrell Moulton
4th Dennis Quinn
5th Randy Philpot
6th Garrett Quinn
7th Eric Cook
8th Erin Flecher

Junior Cage Karts:
1st Spencer Barth
2nd Nathan Barth
3rd Blake Berry
4th Dominic Curit
5th Cole Nevison
6th Danny Wear
7th Kolby Morrell
8th Cole Cyr

Senior Cage Karts:
1st Tucker Cole
2nd Mike Leclair
3rd Darrell Morse
4th Tanner McDougal
5th Mike Griffith
6th Amanda Morrell

Flat Karts:
1st Devin Curit
2nd Mike Leclair
3rd Wade Kennedy
4th Mike Ramsey
5th Rick Peck
6th Shane Nevison
7th Alex Lacognata
8th No Name
9th Charlie Sanborn

Animal/Clone Karts:
1st Corey Souliere
2nd Wade Kennedy
3rd Ryan Dyer
4th Mike Leclair
5th Rusty Poland
7th Bill Stuart
8th Ken Morrell
9th Joe Bell
10th Mike Leclair